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founder's life and progress in pictures
founder's life and progress in pictures
founder's life and progress in pictures
founder's life and progress in pictures
founder's life and progress in pictures
founder's life and progress in pictures
founder's life and progress in pictures
founder's life and progress in pictures
founder's life and progress in pictures
founder's life and progress in pictures
Image 010 and 013 ( email attachments)':Thaaythana ondu thapassu'(handsome pair)
I grew up listening to the stones speak through sculpture and seeing the pillars emitting beams , all against the backdrop of the sea overtures in high and low tide.
Tender mangos in spring sign of hope and joy, beauty and prosperity img :0036( and the tree to follow)
The front cover of my book of poetry,published in 2008 9781434394927_cover.indd
art of decorating the floor
dara Bendre yavara Kuniyonu Baa' first ever staging in Sahithya Sammalana in Manipal 1960/61
A little help can, and has been known to improve the lives of people
Being a specialist trained and specialist qualified doctor just added another dimension, enhances my determination to help the young, sensitive, talented disadvantaged..
If you wish to reach where you want to be, vehicle becomes a companion and not a luxury
decorating the floor has some similarity of sharing the joy with buntings
image 0002 of 20160716 comes to you for all of us to remember that people die to keep us and the borders of our land safe... Please visit the place, and capture the essence of the teaching of PRESERVATION of peace, preservation.
image 0002 of 20160716 comes to you for all of us to remember that people die to keep us and the borders of our land safe... Please visit the place, and capture the essence of the teaching of PRESERVATION of peace, preservation.

S U D A R S H A N, a Wellness programme lead by Manasumanasuma

The SWAN of the SWAN consultancy stands for:
SUDARSHAN Wellness As Norm

Sudarshan in theological context is the most formidable weapon of Power that destroys the vice, therefore allows the virtue to perpetuate normally and naturally. However, for those sceptics who vow that I

Place strategically the ethos in the coded form in all the public service I design and undertake For the betterment of society, you can not be far wrong!
SUDARSHAN in the context of my consultancy Aims, focuses and promotes:


-Ultra Light (the very essence of well balanced dynamics Jeeva and Jeevana)

-Diligence, ( yes, diligence in everything you do yields natural dividends)

-Altruism ( like looking at your image in a tranquil lake as opposed to the slush That the unregulated response to life events can create! Where one looses the defined images of both, the life events and the life itself, because in the process of denial they actually rake more slush..)

-Regulated by self ( here the very fact that the mind is prepared to regulate thoughts, habits and ‘kneejerk responses such as sulking, anger, inertia induced non –progress and procrastination, the regulted mind when finally wins, it is both genuine and long lasting.)

-Strength from within,( a unique ‘ capital’ which gets unlocked at the eleventh hour, there is more to it than ‘do or die’ as you would glean later)

-Healthy, happy hearty hours , practised each day,( that will teach you to forgive unimportant, lingering that would potentially provoke grudge revenge and anger despite the very event being relatively insignificant,..a let-go process, that can and has been known to restore peace)

-Aspiring and aiming at self purification of ‘indulgences, be it physical, financial or of social nature, all this and more,

-Naturally, as a norm, in the light of ALL OF THE ABOVE!

A pleasant and welcoming Spring is only a few days away and on behalf of all the seekers, promoters and believers of the ETHOS of Manasumanasuma and myself as the Founder, I thank you most cordially. Your kind words like’ I found peace looking at your website “It looks as though I could do with some of the wonderful results your research has brought to the focus, I mean not just the young persons” said one of the CEO passionate about forging his industry forwards, well, yes, the right kind of the responses and today at the very outset I wish to state that as from 4th March 2018 I am introducing S U D A R S H A N for all, employed or not, holding an executive post or not and above all SUDARSHAN is for all age group from 11 upwards until 65 years of age, for boys and girls, for men and women.. I wish I could say believers or non believers, no, I can not say that, that very vital and primary step should come from you or your parents, wanting to know, aspiring to know for the greater good of their WELLNESS of the body, mind and that of the spirit within which well shine through their thoughts and actions in life.

SUDARSHAN, as onwards from today brings forth to the world a well researched and designed, ‘know how’ as applicable, to boys and girls, men and women or to all those who qualify themselves ONLY as human,all through the unique know how which all of you need and richly deserve to know as the seekers of Manasumanasuma.

SUDARSHAN remains as the payable service, all the income is ploughed back to the greater good of young persons, so that they remain proud of their colour, gender, faculties yet to be expounded to its entirety or not, knowing oneself has been proven again and again, from time immemorial is the SHEET ANCHOR of knowing and understanding the MAKER and knowing and understanding others without extreme fluctuations of ‘navras’ that is , without too much of a fluctuations of of anger, love, jealousy, feeling of intolerance and so on.

Finally, as always have said, like the pixels, however miniscule they appear they always ARE and WILL remain the part of the CLEAR, BIGGER picture, yes, my friends and well wishers the ‘bigger picture’ is of GLOBAL peace , preservation knowing that peace and preservation WILL bring prosperity to the world with the naturalness of the dawn bringing with it the sunbeams!

With this introduction, I will assure you the whole process takes only 9 months to complete.. ( like the pregnancy that WILL deliver a NEW and evermore worthwhile a person in YOU!) and the fees including registration, but excluding, ‘writing is on the wall’ tours, it is £ 8001.09 ( GBP eight thousand and one and nine pence) for all who are above 27 years and is free from the age group 11 to 19 years of age. Your payment coming through the Corporate which you are part of, is welcome as long as far as the payment reaches Manasumanasuma a fortnight before the seekers session starts. Maximum numbers of seekers for every nine months course still is limited to 15 only and the registration is open from the 4th March 2018.

For all those junior researchers who wish to work volunteerly with me and for Manasumanasuma initially for the sake of formal training,S U D A R S H A N interview will take place, on application only , between 14th and 20th of April 2018, there is a place for a graduate statistician and for a ‘believer’ again, who has completed an M.Sc in sociology and/ or Humanity

Thank you friends, contact me for more information through the e-mail ID which appears on my website and here I have mentioned the same again, manasumanasuma945@gmail.com

Do contact me, you will only be much more enabled a person for doing so, because SUDARSHAN research when you complete you will know that you have achieved something others only dreamed about!

Good wishes,
Dr Vijaya Nayak
Founder: Manasumanasuma

Yogada UK

Letter to Rt. Hon Prime Minister of my 'Home Land Bharat.

Introducing Yogadaa**UK:

Yogadaa**UK is in recognition of all the Indians Globally, who, like me have seen only Bharat Vishwadaafyant.. un logon ke liye, jo mere jyse, Jahan may kaheen bhee rahe, Bharat ko dekhte aaya hain. In addition maen, Vishwadaadyant hinduthw ko pehchaanthe aayee hun.. saare mulkon main saare religions main.., esliye, aur iske vaasthe hee.,. I, as the FOUNDER of Manasumanasuma could present to the world , Yogadaa**UK, with its unique know how of wellness through, hitherto unexplored or under explored and under researched magical world of small muscles and their significant role in 'wellness' of the mind, body and that of the spirit.

Before Rt. Hon. Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi opens my website: www.manasumanasuma.org, I, with Honour, Dignity and Humility express that none of this would have been possible without the MOST auspecious TRINITY of all , i.e, Faith in Self, Faith in others ' thoughts and action and Faith in Shri Lalithaa, THE' sakalaadhischtaanaroopaa' of all, for all and in all the seekers who aspire.

On Easter of 1997, ( I was born on Easter Sunday) I founded 'Holding the Dream' dedicated to the young, sensitive, talented disadvantaged.., ( for young persons like Rabin, the unsung young hero of my poem, 'Rabin' , written in 1998, which struck a chord in all hearts that beat; could be found in the poetry section of my website), little did I know at that time that it would one day evolve it self as 'Manasumanasuma' and present to the world on International Yoga Day, the very seat of knowledge of wellness through the trinity of Art, Theology and Medicine which I named: Yogadaa**UK.

Being an artist from the 4th year of my life and having a clear and astute awareness of Theology I now know that afer being a doctor, my continuing to do the research in Neurology and my successfully completing my MD neurology did indeed enhance my understanding people in general, not just the patients, but their relatives, friends and those who held them in high esteem such as their employees or simply those who who felt for them as fellow human beings!.. yes all that and more formed the foundation of YOgadaa**UK as we see today.

Being an artist and a poet, I am fortunate that I could help even further, for example, understand the finer aspects of their culture better; it is like having yet another dimension in understanding people, young and not so young, whose varying modality of expression was, is and would always be best understood through dedication, through channelising all the gifts given to me by God in the field of Neurology, Art and astute awareness of Theology... I have seen my purpose of life in my dedication to Manasumanasuma and as it did since 1997, it will refine and redefine wellness of the mind, body and that of the spirit.

Here I stop,as the Founder, I feel that it is not before time for MANASUMANASUMA to be RECOGNISED by,from and in my own Janm BHOOMI BHARAT, it only will give me a wider platform to reach out for young, sensitive , talented disadvantaged GLOBALLY, while 'GIVING, { as the word Yogadaa of Yogadaa**UK implies, which contextually translates to 'giver of yoga, yogadaa is also one of the sacred names of SHRI LALITHAA } through Yogadaa**UK rendering an excellent insight as to what wellness is all about, through enhancement of their own persona, along with the unique 'know how ' of the GREAT ROLE of the small muscles of the body in ushering in and maintaining the wellness.

I am only a mirror holder in all this, sometimes the mirror and the torch so that the seekers as I address them 'find themselves' without, I might add, the need to adopt yoga positions before acquiring much needed knowledge about themselves, The seekers enlivened by aspiration to excel, ( by that I mean those who DO NOT keep their eyes shut when the mirror and/or mirror and the torch is shone on them!!) are the true beneficiaries of my knowledge and research, dedication and commitment..,

.. my good wishes remain with them always as it did since 1961 when I started writing feelingful poems and again from 1969 when i graduated as a doctor and started writing poems describing illness, giving the understanding and HOPE to my patients and relatives alike in the regional language which I later compiled into a book of poetry titled' 108 lotuses' ( noorentu thaware) in the year 2000, my second book of poetry, 'Rising in Love' comprising of 48 English poems was published in 2008... ( I had the honour of writing and illustrating both the books), all for the seekers and ALL those who wish to be the seekers of Manasumanasuma.

lilly yoga as the part of yogadaa**UK

just born

Introducing 'lilly' to the seekers is not a less of an achievement, if a bunch of bananas forms the energy that icreases the strength and memory in an elephant, makes the monkey more active and energise an artificially starving person'on diet' the same banana can give the FORM of ENERGY that is required for an individual foe his or her individual cause which is close to his or her heart, in other words THE CAUSE HE OR SHE LOVES and remains inspired by, and 'lilly' recognizes such 'life line' of an individual and transorms one to be a high achiever in his or her chosen cause, well that is the aim and scope of 'lilly'.

Thank you.
Dr Vijaya Nayak
Founder: Manasumanasuma ( website: www.manasumanasuma.org)

A Word About Mr PR Nayak

Mr PR Nayak succumbed to the great blast of fire that engulfed and destroyed the Hotel, he was staying in,in New Delhi, on 23 January 1986, , which was then known as hotel Siddharth,26 other brilliant engineers died there on that blast and many questions as to whether there was a bomb planted and so on, remains unclear even to this day, because it was first of its kind happening in India and the right evidence was not searched for either due to lack of facility, and/ or the complacent feeling that such a catastrophic event might not have happened in India..

As the sufferers and the investigators alike, we now know that in the past 30 years the people globally who contributed significantly to their countries, their professions, have all been targeted, in an attempt to enfeeble the world.. but

Peace Is Power and Peace is the Giver of quality to 'every minute ' we spend on this earth, doing our best for our professions and family while GROWING STRONG AND MORE DETERMINED IN OUR THOUGHTS AND ACTION. The mindless, aimless, short sited destroyers who destroy indiscriminately for the sake of destruction might know by now, that the hired hands 'under instructions are just that, 'hired hands under instructions. Therefore, it is , as it was then and ALWAYS be, incomparable to the feelings of patriotism, one only has to look around the world for that, you see the mislead, misguided hired hands as they are, they aim to destroy without knowing what is self worth and what peace, instead of war can and will be able to achieve for themselves and for the rest of the world.

I thank all of them who have, despite suffering, stood by and shared with me the fact that Peace is an invincible weapon, much more powerful than a lone , depraved individual, vulnerable and easily mislead by religious or financial opportunists , or both.

While I am sad that most of these people know very little about the power of parenthood, motherhood specially, let us not forget the virtue of having a family, friends and educators among us.; let the search and the research continue in seeking all DIMENSION of humanity which constructs, conserves and yields peace despite all the atrocities we see.. and suffer. It is that Peace and togetherness of true human values, collectively STILL hold the sun high on the sky, thus protecting us from plunging into darkness.. let peace prevail and humanity strengthen by the minute and OUR planet EARTH smile with her rich resources that are prevented from destruction and preserved, for YOU, ME and all our loved ones, our family, friends, students, scholars and professional colleagues alike.

Yogadaa**UK has come out of all the crucible tests and IS FOR YOU now and as the founder, I know with my faith in you, in myself and in Maker Yogadaa**UK will continue to flourish for the ETHOS it stands and more.

Dear Seekers from Istambul to Idagunji, from Bond to Bharat,

Thank you for understanding and sharing my thoughts about the younger sector of population ever since 1998 as ‘Holding the dram’ and later on as ‘manasumanasuma’ AABHA and TMPE ( tutored and mentored personality enhancement) are specially dedicated for those who did not have the opportunity to learn much about this all essential and all pervasively important components of high achieving progressive mind, through the parents, teachers, elders and religious leaders.

Proceeding to theological aspects, there could be no higher encouragement and compliments for the Founder like me when a seeker himself or herself IS SURPRIZED at his or her own strength that made the particular achievement possible.. I would say that they are among those who did not keep their eyes closed when a light shone on them giving an opportunity to know themselves and progress, well done all of you who saw the better side of your own persona, well done indeed.

As I often mention I am only a mirror holder , sometimes if necessary a torch and a mirror!

This very aspect made me research further theologically, exploring the probabilities of seekers’ own all essential neuro system, with a bit of guidance making a ‘U’ turn from’ id’ dominated addiction, anger and avenging preoccupations { a decisive precursors for criminality only followed closely by’ fatal’ or lethal competitive urgings) TOWARDS lasting benefits of retrained, refined and revived mind which becomes eager to reorient itself towards the life they always wanted to lead!

Just the way I believe in the positive aspects of the pristine strength of ‘youth energy’ I believe in the transformed mind that is ready to guide self and others in similar situations.

At this juncture, let me plead pessimists among the pessimists, please enhance the faith in people. The back ground for me to achieve this ,apart from my understandings of knowing the youngsters driven to the brink of DSH and suicides, is that I am also forensically trained and my experience and expertise in philosophy from Bharat, helped me actually to see and perceive that not all of them are set out to be addicts and criminals, traumatized may be, scarred may be but misguided too, despondent too, for which more often than not, the contributory factors have been their experience with those whom they consider close to them or the’ values’ they hold close to them, misguided, mislead or otherwise..

All these factors and ever increasing void and loopholes in rehabilitation ( as one of them told me emphatically referring to a junior ‘in reach’ person, ‘”what would I learn from him, he is less qualified than I am and I hardly ever see the seniors?! “.) which has been known to give less importance to cultural values of the person, I have over the past decade decided to GIVE knowledge, instead of tablets, pills , or recommend for loans etc. BECAUSE THE KNOWLEDGE and wisdom as I found, enhances their self worth and the feeling they hold for others, , but as a ‘disciplinarian’ and ‘task master’ as I am sometimes referred to by the successful seekers of ‘manasumanasuma’ one single aspect of value for me is this: with the proper knowledge it is not just they improve remarkably ( most certainly compared to physical activities and or repetitive activities on their own) they are keen to MAKE AMENDS with their close friends and family and are eager to prevent someone else treading the same path as they did, misguided or otherwise, yes, that is what my motivation to call my work that I have established for ‘manasumanasuma’ as ‘YOGADAA**UK’ the word ‘daa’ refers to giving and giver in Sanskrit,’ daayini ‘and’ daayak’ referring feminine and masculine versions respectively in many languages.

‘‘yogadaa**uk’, as in my work for 13 to 21 has only two sectors, one as I described above, oneness with knowledge, I call most appropriately ‘Hansaananda yoga’ with rehabilitation in mind and the other as you know by now, valuing the’ goal’ as life line and achieving it inspired by love, yes, you got it right ‘lilly’ yoga. Life time’s work is cut out for me through these sectors of manasumanasuma.. may be I would be able bring out the projects dedicated to ‘Life Events &U’ , but my work in theology was more demanding and deserving too.. before the national and international events make people so despondent that they stop seeking the most essential ‘know how’ kit of all times, the KNOWLEDGE it self for the ‘WELLNESS OF THE MIND, BODY and that OF SPIRIT’ and the application of the same towards peace and preservation. Let us stop scarring ‘mother earth’ with more missiles and bombs and arrogantly expect her to yield more and more! Let us not undermine or understate HER powers, let peace and preservation prevail.

All communications through the e-mail specified on my web site only please. (www.manasumanasuma.org)

A very Happy Easter 2016.
Dr Vijaya Nayak
Founder: manasumanasuma

I am quietly comfortable that I am the very first one to launch to the world the 'all pervasively' important Yogadaa**UK, a sector of Manasumanasuma, and am confident that people are now beginning to perceive how WELLNESS as conceptualized by the trinity of art/ health and theology has the UNIQUE holding power.

Yogadaa**UK is for wellness of the young disciplined minds of the YOUTH as it is for a busy housewife, a highly placed most successful QC or a struggling businessman or a woman who shelters under addictive social habits and the resulting' catch 22' situation which can and has been known to spiral down his spirit and the quality of work, yes. Yogadaa**UK is for the wellness of all of them and now young mothers who are pressurized in the juggling act of making it happen for all who end up having the most disorderly kept house and office have seen the new light and in it they have seen their better selves, all through the Yogadaa**UK and the wellness of the mind, body and that of the spirit it brings for them..

... I can only say, I am pleased with the results.
Yogadaa**UK Health Questionnaire, YHQ for short, is available following registration during the opening hours which are as follows:
Monday: 10 a.m to 4.30 p.m
Tuesday: 10a.m to 4.30 p.m and
Thursday: 10am to 5.30 p.m
It will not be too long before you feel the money you have spent on the well spread and highly focused, initial six hours are the best value for the money you have ever spent!
For more information, please ring 07583828248 on the mobile or send the e-mail the dtails of which is on my website: www.manasumanasuma.org

Register with Yogadaa**UK soon if not sooner as the first fifteen are only chosen for the first conference on 'Wellness that is UNIQUE to you'
Good wishes,
Dr Vijaya Nayak
Founder Manasumanasuma

Please visit my website: www.manasumanasuma.org, the fastest and safest vehicle for wellness, all protected by THE Maker, I am just the Founder!

But in my journey of life where I cut had to cut the road to SUCCESS, drive through floods and avalanches of adversity. At the same time, bathing in purest of purest waters of compassion and being strengthened, refined and polished by the snow and sand grains which only 'reflected me better.. like the driving mirrors and signposted towards COMPLETING the task, reaching the goal UNPERTURBED, because, dear Motoring Directory, MANASUMANASUMA IS MY VOCATION, my mission of life, take my web site with you to Australia, apart from manasumanasuma rendering much needed 'wellness' enabled further by 'courage of conviction, it might also open the doors for the YOUNG,SENSITIVE, TALENTED Disadvantaged to be the 'seekers of 'Manasumanasuma' they need to register and fill in the YWQ ( Yogadaauk Wellness Questionnare) which is available on registration.

Good luck again, trust as supporters of manasumanasuma Good Fortune will drive along with you to reach the goal you have designed for Mororing Directory in Australia!

Dr Vijaya Nayak

Founder: Manasumanasuma