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A Christmas Message for 2017

My good neighbour, I don’t even know your name!
however, in view of the air we share, ground we tread,
as did our forefathers and our fledglings to come,
who would so proudly toddle before they walk of course,
in view of the much aspired purity of water, then as now..
and years to come, it looks and sounds the same!
Sounds the same, did I say?!
Yes, indeed, like the music from the willows in the wood,
like the overture from a time withstood bamboo bush,
like the rhythmical lullaby that hushes a tired costal
village to a restorative sleep, or, like the roaring tides
from an ocean afar encouraging to be fit and well,
yes, my dear it all sounds the same, what is more,
it sounds lilting, easy to spell, even by your young
niece Ethel, no, it is not razzmatazz, so much
as P E A C E! you rejoice the simple and pure
waves of peace, at home, as your tour,
for a conference as you prepare or even as
you absorb in your computer or a calculator
for that matter, or simply as you set asail,
or simply amble along with the swans, who
like you, are so ‘locals’ to the lake as you are
to the land, rejoice peace, even from the top
of a ‘met-tower’, from an office, a lab,
a or a ministerial chamber! usher in peace..
Do you know, while being teased by the sun beams
in mid morning or challenged by an unexpected
down pour, Why! even through the blizzards sent by
The Creator one can feel the peace smile!
Yet, alas! it is the experience of the world and not
just mine, that the man made hazards and
disasters and the deafeningly horrifying
waves of a bomb blast which so ruthlessly
attempt to rip open the belly of Mother Earth,
asphyxiates peace, albeit temporarily,
yes, I insist, temporarily in
comparison to the worship worthy
magnanimity of our Mother Earth, so please,
let me, humbly plea, with peace, let us detox if
we have to, each time as we worship, because
Mother Earth who is simply ‘Nature’ for many,
is much more powerful than a bomber’s
cognition, patient She may be, but one warning
from Mother Earth, however forgiving She is,
will take the toll, sadly of the kith and kin of
the mindless destroyer, to remind as it were,
of their limited vision and their ‘ even much
more limited’ care and compassion.
So, friends, uphold PEACE as Power,
and not just as yet another process of giving up,
Let us do it with faith and vigour,
that would be the true worship of Nature, our saviour!
show Her we care, preserve what is the fare share
of coming generation alike that of Iain,
Ali, Narender, Sheelaugh or Selva Rajan.
Promote peace as the pathway for success..
Yes, know this doctrine which I have learnt,
it is ancient, peace TAKES ROOT with love,
care and compassion, over indulgence, greed and
vengeance can poison the best of your intention.
Let us together NURTURE peace, thank Mother Earth,
for, She lets us know the secret codings of saplings
that flourish, here friends, the saplings of smile,
that of peace and success, have faith.
Prosperity, like the most adored ,ancient
and rich pomegranate will soon open up,
yes, revealing the bounty of prosperity
for all and not just for a few, such is the opulence
of peace as power! Not just that, my friends,
PEACE as POWER will yield, pure water, new rivers,
pure air, fertile, unscarred Earth, protected
from Injury and insults will joyfully bring back
the colour to the corals in the Ocean bed,
honey will never go bitter again, the sky
will remain enchantingly blue,
what can I say, the messenger pigeons
will return once again, quickly catching the clue!
All this and more, makes one thing certain,
Just as the much needed vitality, the strength
of the mind and the astute sense of equality,
Peace as power, as a well nurtured faculty
of the highest quality, has to remain ingrained
as an indelible secret coding of preservation..
of our planet with pious serenity, along with
with HER people, parakeets, pachyderm,
panther, plants, prosperity, not to mention
the unparalleled panorama, for, all belongs
to Her, we are only the guests here.. it is only that
with the unique ray of wisdom that proclaims
Peace as Power, we can see it all better!

So, friends,
It is only one Planet and one Christmas,
It is only one Planet and one Diwali Diwas,
One planet and one Bar Mitzvah and one Eid,
Let us celebrate together,
Adam, Aditi, Abel and Wahid!

_ Written and Presented,

on the 9th December 2017

to the People of our Planet,

on behalf of Manasumanasuma,

by:Dr Vijaya Nayak,

Founder: Manasumanasuma

Web site: www.manasumanasima.org

Let us Begin ..

The seekers avidly wishing to know the fundamentals of manasumanasuma have prompted me to bring out this sketch of 'archway to wellness' at the end of my meditation, well,

1) In the formative age group, where personality enhancement matters, the young person is right in trying to know himself or herself first, both personality enhancement and the teachings on aspects of art, behaviour , health and adjustments come under the archway: AABHA.

2) For those who are employed , embroiled and find no escape route, yet , despite the addictive habits as in some ARE keen on wellness, for such KarmaNi, i.e, for whom even wellness has to come through work, work and more work, the arch way is 'LIFE EVENTS &U, four decades of work has gone into it and that is for you.

3) For those who seek and continue to seek wellness through, knowledge, wisdom and understandings as to how , despite all the happenings the sun is held high up in the sky even today, yes, for such seekers who wish to understand wellness through, knowledge and wisdom, ancient, modern and futuristic, Yogadaa**UK is for them, where art and the creative energy meets the principles of health and both of them blend and balance with theology to deliver sheer wellness itself that of mind, body and that of the spirit.

4) Finally all those who have done the very best in their lives and who have always remained close to my heart, for one factor and one factor alone that driven by responsibility, these great people who now are in the age bracket of 65 and above, yes, most of them never once hesitated to give it all for the welfare of their family, for their colleagues place of work which they were proud of and above all, never once hesitated to go without in preference to providing for the family, for children, younger brothers and sisters right from their late teenage or early twenties! I consider it is an honour to set aside as I have done the archway of 'Global Memory' which is all about preservation of memory, prevention of memory loss (the two are different issues by the way) and the wellness also for them apart from memory is dignity and understanding as to what has gone in their lives and to know how all this put together and more, can and has been known to bring wellness in their lives, sadly in some instances for the very first time in their lives.

So seekers, you have done them all proud, young and not so young... and if you ask me.. I am glad I finally decided to explain it all for the seekers and those wish to be the seekers and I feel that my work spanning well over 4 decades is finally reaching you.

Contact me, register first and we will take it up from there, my expertise comes free for the young persons below the age group of 20 or 21.

Manasumanasuma which has evolved naturally to the present day 'state of art of knowing mind', dates back to 1972 where, for the first time the truth of the philosophy, 'what one is, the direct result of what life events make them to be..' dawned on to me. The classical examples are the heirs to royal thrones, who despite being an heir, for reasons true only to life events could not ascend to the throne, yet, a relative or a person, again, by virtue of life events alone, ascends the throne and reigns for decades, the life events we see in great scripture and epic of Ramayana, British Royal monarchy in the contemporary period, are but, a couple of examples that would wake up the great public to the mystery, magic, melancholy and the upheaval of the mind the life events brings with them. 'LIFE Events & U' as I have named my consultancy some years ago, has now naturally progressed to people wishing to seek advice as to how to cope in 'community events & U', 'National events &U' and' international events &U'!, please remain reassured, my advisory centre and consultancy is still known as 'Life Events & U'.