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Who is it? In reality who will….

By Dr. Vijaya Nayak on 11th August 2015

Who is it? In reality who will bring peace through the doors of my heart, who is it?
Is he a black, a white person? Will he wear a turban, or will there be rosaries hanging
from the habit, who is it?
Is she a woman, is he a man, will he care for all of us.. and not just his clan?
Is he a scientist, a solicitor or fire fighter? Will he prevent the earth being parched further?
prevent the flowers being dried out of their own nectar?!
Will the skies be free from smothering black smoke for ever?
will he know that the kindness from the heart itself is a power,
Will he be strong and caring or simply be an inconsiderate ‘terror’ or a financial AVTAR !
An alert sensitive and a peace loving heart will not open unless treated with respect, so who is it?
Will he be a student, a scholar, would he worship wisdom?
For, all the birds, bees, all animals and men and women have but only one kingdom
To love and to feel belonged to, to form, conform,
to share the ancient Celtic culture or the time honoured reverberations of an ‘Ohm’
Will she be a little girl with her eyes wide open for the future?
Or a little boy wonder who will hold it all together and help her nurture the NATURE
Yes, him and her while they share the POWER OF PEACE with a quiet mirth
I perceive the Lord, One Maker of all, one who generates faith ,
Showering joy and prosperity over every corner of our planet EARTH.
-Peace poems by Vijaya,
Written by: Dr. Vijaya Nayak on 28 Aug 2011,
the last day festival of spirituality and reality.
Presented with complements to the organizers of the event.