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By Dr. Vijaya Nayak on 02nd December 2013

The founder /director writing a brief note to thank all of you supported 'manasumanasuma' and the ethos and the mission 'manasumanasuma' stands for! THANK YOU.
It was very interesting to note that the great public of UK and India almost enchanted the phrase manasumanasuma once the contextual meaning of manasumanasuma is explained " mind, Oh! Blossom of the mind" I trust all of them who come in contact with the ethos treat the mind well, be kind to the mind in hard and lean times as well as in happiness and high spirits, render the nutritive atmosphere to flourish,contemplate and progress and equally important as it is, not to let into your mind every thing that you hear, see do not clutter your mind, declutter the less important topics of the week, so to speak, remember, even if the mind is like a pure gold bowl with trimmings like precious stone and gold if you fill it with unnecessary, unworthy and above all those snippets that are unsupportive and destructive to the disciplines of life you worked so hard to develop and achieve. Nurture and test the strength of such discipline with equals or who have proved them selves to be better in the field you selected! Did you know one who are veterans in the discipline they have chosen ARE , in majority of the cases, SUPPORTIVE to those who aspire and achieve, comforting to know that is it not? ( for eg. be it a descioline of music, art, cooking, advocating, in the field of architecture etc.) yes, you picked the fundamentals of manasumanasuma, the calmness, the clarity of thinking and to aspire to achieve the highest simply do not go without the achievements to match! All the above three virtues have high yields in the form of dividends, do you think one who remains oversensitive to criticism would have achieved all he aims for or would such self-indulgence and over sensitivity can prove to be counterproductive, I leave you to be the judge of that.
Moving on to NEW FIELD, I never stopped amazing at the particular request coming from the most unexpected sector of highly respectful population who wish to know how to remain youthful, I will address the given topic in my next communication, suffice to say that it does not come out of the bottles and tubes of cosmetic preparations, neither from the tip of the scalpel of a plastic surgeon, neither does such youthful heart mind and spirit shines from within by you choosing to run away from reality
I will give a clue, child like simplicity, an ability to marvel at the smallest of the smallest things created so perfectly by the Maker.. most certainly do not have to be confined to children alone, for eg. The perfect left or right spirals one sees in sea shells! Is n't still a challenge to people who still insists in symmetry in design, thinking and action! May be, the answer might begin to appear if our mind is prepared accept the asymmetry is just as impotant as the symmetry in preservation, progress, peace and prosperity.. One does not have to be just like the other to prove one's strong point or to achieve.. sometimes I can not help chuckling at the role such philosophy would have in establishing and maintaining the world peace.. I am optimist, you never know one day people might start accepting the people for what they are instead of grudging, avenging and revenging for what they are not! The world instantaneously would be in the path of recovery towards peace and joy, as I mentioned in my earlier writings the prosperity flows in unhindered at that point such is the power of natural law and 'manasumanasuma' has then, now and always upholds such an endeavour towards ever so endeared peace that works in parallel with preservation and manasumanasuma naturally does not believe in the untempered 'destruction' as the weapon that would capture peace more or less like the POW and surrender before you! PEACE IS the PRINCE and the perpetuator of the peace itself, being the example to itself peace therefore can not be too different from the perception and image of ALMIGHTY.. try this as the basis of being YOUTHFUL as long as you live.
The very best to you for 2014, 2014 SANKRANTI and always.

Dr. Vijaya Nayak