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Introducing VIKASOPHY !

By Dr. Vijaya Nayak on 20th September 2016

Introducing  VIKASOPHY !

Excerpts of communication about VIKASOPHY is here for all the seekers and supporters alike.

Let us take with us the

Invaluable experience of 'SOFT STRENGTH, a mother imbibes into her child, a hardy bush imbibes into the perfumed lavender, essence of success lies in the soft strength that empowers you when you need the most.. VIKASOPHY unfurls the strength within you which you might have forgotten you have..

If there is one country, apart from Bharat which showed to the world...

My on coming Book VIKASOPHY

Japan is the only country apart from India who showed to the world what is, more specifically, HOW to progress with PEACE despite suffering and I wish to dedicate my next book 'VIKASOPHY' ( in lines with Abeconomics and the phrase theosophy which portrays philosophy of theology!) VIKASOPHY in addition to the conventional strength gleaned by vedic and powraanik studies explores and expounds the soft strength, the kind a the mother gives to the children, a hardy plant gives to 'sukomal' lavender.

As a theologian over the decades I have collected the irrefutable examples from the NATURE that support the ETHOS, I am sure Ms. Muanpuii Saiawi would assist you further with the Ethos of 'Soft strength' and its endless benefits to HUMANITY; I wish to visit Japan, sit with and spend time with the elderly and very elderly and glean what they considered strength when their children were growing up, when they themselves were growing up.. .. ( surely sitting before the computer might not have been the priority!)

As the founder I request you to Sponsor Manasumanasuma ( contextually translates to: 'Mind, Oh! blossom of a mind' , for the purpose of an advanced and explorative tour the number of' seekers' including me would not be exceeding four, in turn, least I could do in the form of gratitude is to dedicate my book, which i wish to do, to the 'elders of Japan' who made it all happen for them, for that land, language and culture, this would truly a befitting gift to Japan from Manasumanasua ( please assist me Shri Sujan so that I hand over the book in person to the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister of Japan, Shri. Shinzo Abe.)

2. To balance I wish to bring out my third book of poetry, again illustrated by me, titled' PEACE as POWER' dedicated to India with special reference to the families of the fallen soldiers .. in tribute to the strength they had imbibed in their sons and daughter and I would very much like you to write a few lines on behalf of my book of poetry, 'Peace as Power' please and thank you.

Coming from the land of coastal UDUPI/ Mangalore which upholds traditional methods of cultivation, my painting I trust still maintains the peoples' bonding with land , language and culture, here the farmer returns home from local market richer with the animals and contentment, supported may be by his wife and sister.. icalled it 'Homeward Thoughts' , but feel free to change the title Shri Sujan, even after being in UK from 1977 I like the concept of 'Home ward Thoughts'!

In my poem I used the word 'spake' indicating that there is nothing obsolate once you know the ethos of soft strength that has been passed on to generations yes, softly..

In my poem I used the word 'spake' indicating that there is nothing obsolate once you know the ethos of soft strength that has been passed on to generations yes, softly..

In my poem I used the word 'spake' indicating that there is nothing obsolate once you know the ethos of soft strength that has been passed on to generations yes, softly..

My painting of the Lotus to match the poem that is all, I have , for your convenience only, forwarded a copy of my e-mail to fsice Ms muanpuii Saiiawi.

I know I have approached the right dignitary for the right cause, trust I hear from you soon, so that we travel to see Japan, see Prime Minister of Japan Shri Schinzo Abe and see you and your team!

Thanking you personally and on behalf of ' seekers' of Manasumanasuma.

I remain, hopeful, quietly confident and totally dedicated to the CAUSE, which I am sure will strike a chord in your hearts too.

Kind regards,

( Dr Vijaya Nayak )

Founder; Manasumanasuma

Greetings from Vijaya KalaArnava Saraswathi (VIKAS).

I am ever so thankful for peoples’ response for my opening of VIKAS, the vibrations and the wave seem to say, “ You should have started a good few years earlier!” that is friends for you, Life Events or otherwise, God given faculties are to treasure and to share, of course what ever income VIKAS generates will be ploughed back immediately to make it all happen for the seekers, present and on coming, for, nothing is more precious than knowledge and wisdom that will enlighten you through education which in turn, will make a positive and long lasting difference to mind, body and that of the spirit, BOTH , for your self and for whose whom you cherish!

. I am only thankful to the Maker above for all the feelings you have for me as an artist and as a believer and for the sake of all the seekers, present and future, I am glad I kept the ‘pilot light’ of my aspiration and determination going.

Well here I am, explaining the magic of Yogadaa**UK , how the teachings from Yogadaa**UK works INDIVIDUALLY for you, to go through the whole course of Interactive Theology, Arts and Wellness to the highest level when it comes to precision and for lasting effects of all the three subjects in your life , no matter which profession you wish to choose.

For those to whom it is all a new concept, I assure you it is not like having music at the back ground while a builder is at work,nor is it like unscrewing a bottle, small or large with drugs or the inebriating drinks; it is however that comfortable feeling one gets when he or she wears the prescription glasses ground to perfection, it improves your performance, is essential and above all once you know the ‘unique know how’ you will reach out to the teachings of Yogadaa**UK every day as well as on special days when you want the world to acclaim your work, be it as a financier, minister, a teacher or simply a mother sending her son or daughter for the exams! if you remember I had emphasized the fact that you can apply these teachings on others who are precious to you and whom you cherish.

I stop here, please, even before you ask, at present Yogadaa**UK remains outside the parameter of VIkas which however offers a research opportunity in relation to Life Events, in addition to Interactive Theology, Arts and Wellness.

Contact me, all the CEOs and Corporate Personnel from private and Public sector, your firm,your staff, your own family will be benefited by VIKAS.

There is not much difference in fees per se, just because I come to your area, all is required is the travel and accommodation expenses for 4 working days or two working days and a ‘working’ week end. The special advantage however is that the group will be comfortable while visiting or touring temples, churches, monastery, mosques, pagodas and/ or meeting spiritual leaders like serving Rabbi, they all have suffered and sacrificed for the better understandings of the Maker, as applied to others as well as for their own aspiring selves… BUT, for the obvious or less obvious reasons most of them have been less known to reach out to person who is looking for guidance as to what the higher self is all about and how to attain where he or she aspires to be and what simply are higher achievements.

In VIKAS, the seekers are given the very elixir of every religion and given the knowledge and wisdom as to choose or not to choose, yet, how to achieve the Luxury and Lustre of remaining Light and Liberated! Like the lit candles, the last four words constitute my resolution, as the Founder of VIKAS.

For more information and contact details, visit the web site: www.manasumanasuma.org

As from February 2017 all these inspiring details will be available along with seekers’ feed back, from the folder VIKASOPHY for you, because VIKAS will be dealing with Academy functions, planning, current and future and finances and the assistance that is needed to make the choice. I will be able to give you assistance you require when it comes to the choice, once you request for the’ registration and YWQV [ Yogadaa Wellness Questionnaire for Vikas], fill in every detail that is asked and contact me over the phone or through e-mail.

Thank you, the inspirational journey that began in 1997 has reached the new heights, initial task of road cutting through all the weather and ‘lean’times was not easy, the faith protected me now it is your turn to join me, I WELCOME YOU, together we proceed from Empathy to Education , from Education to Enlightenment.. the journey continue unhindered by the Grace of Maestro for and of all, so also the search and research..

Dr Vijaya Nayak .

Dear Shri TV Ramachandran, dear Shri Bastian.N.Chacko,

A very warm and NATURALLY joyous Greetings for Easter 2017.

I am a bilingual poet, an artist, a retired Neuro Physician and a keen promoter through MANASUMANASUMA, of wellness of the mind, body and that of the spirit through hitherto much less explored pathway of Interactive Theology, Arts and Wellness.

VIKAS, ( VijayaKalaArnavaSaraswathi) The Academy


Interactive Theology/ Arts and Wellness which I opened, as the Founder of Manasumanasuma in January 2017 came as an eye opener for many an established educationists who emphasized on words and more words, yet, sadly, were not able to deliver to the SEEKERS effectively, the much deserving and much more needed and required knowledge and wisdom in the way, I, as an artist/ physician and a theologian assessed, envisaged and succeeded by Grace of Maker!

If you ask me, this was possible PRIMARILY because I truly believed in Empathy, generating Educational methods ( Parallel Educational Channel, as I call the system) and Education leading to Enlightenment and enlighted mind, body and spirit keeps evolving, seamlessly for a visionary focusing, all the time and at any level on' PEACE AS POWER' and Preservation as a vocation chosen, with love and respect for the only planet Earth, the Creator has given for all of us.. yes, for all of us.

Who wants thick black smoke while breeze becons? who wants, bleak, barren land with everything is raised to ground, when one can create and look after a cottage with plants blossoming, birds singing the dawn chorus, where, well looked after animals feel safe, above all, where the maga powers beyond us such as sun, moon,water, oceans uncharted land, fire and air, why! the very Life is adorned, revered and worshipped every day by you and your loved ones!.

..... my website: www.manasumanasuma.org gives more information about the pathway chosen with deligence, determination and Faith in the Maker.

You are welcome to my web site, path way was not easy, enlightened it has been and will be nevertheless!

With this introduction, I request you, make it happen for me please, so that the seekers can reach out for VIKAS and vice versa, so that my journey to Berlin which I hold in respect, is truly fulfilled. I look forward to give some poetry recitations ( swa rachitha kavitha vaachana which I have been doing for decades) as the bilingual poet from two of my books of poetry which I have had the honour of illustrating and also listen to some inspired who like me qualify themselves as the patriots of Bharat and patriots of BHUVI.!!. 'Janani Janma Bhoomischa .., in 2017 it encompasses whole planet that is all!

My distant knowing faculty says that you would love reading all about the seekers of manasumanasuma and the dedication of the latter, for the mission it stands for, as much as I enjoyed writing to you.

As I am travelling on Thursday the 13th April, in time for EASTER and SOURA YUGADI, write to me will you not please, providing some essntial links with Indian Community who are in contact with Office of the Embassey of India for Germany in Berlin. The mobile phone I will be carrying is: 0044 7498510829.

With and on behalf of seekers of manasumanasuma, comes my gratious 'Thank You.'

Dr Vijaya Nayak p.s: my CV and resume is tucked away behind'path finder's profile

in folder 'about' in www.manasumanasuma.org

Founder: Manasumanasuma

( Vikasophy for news, updates and current developments)

Dear seekers of Manasumanasuma,

The lecture discourse/ interactive discussions and the progress for tomorrow and much more , under the theme title, VIKASfor seekers will be held in Stamford Arts Centre, Stamford,( Lincs) PE( 2DL tel. 01780 763203

Date: 9th June 2017 time: 9.30 am to 1.30 pm

Apart from introduction and progress of the pathfinder over two decades, the main emphasis will be on AABHA, the parallel education channel, focusing on and keeping in mind the young persons, the young, sensitive talented disadvantaged will no more be disadvantaged once they acquire the skills of living and enhanc etheir persona in a safe, turored and supervised setting of AABHA

The young persons, parents, grand parents who are keen to know more about manasumanasuma and AABHA and the formal guardians for young persons from Stamford and Rutland are welcome.

Dr Vijaya Nayak

Founder: Manasumanasuma

A Christmas massage from Manasumanasuma for 2017

My good neighbour, I don’t even know your name!

However, in view of the air we share, ground we tread as did

Our forefathers and our fledglings so proudly would toddle

before they walk, In view of the purity of water we aspired for

then as this year, and years to come,

it all looks and sounds the same.. did I say sounds the same?!

Like the music from willows in the wood, the overture from

the bamboos and the lilting and roaring tides from
oceans after and near, my dear it sounds all the same..

it is spelt with ease, even by your niece Beninese,

it is not razzmatazz so much as the pure
and simple joy of peace at Home and you tour,

in your office, lab, in met. tower or in ministerial chamber,

while teased by the sun beams or down pour,

even through the days of blizzards Lord send us Peace,

I would plea, would you not, for man made hazards

sadly do not smile as the weather does often, further

Man made bombs try, albeit, only try to rip

the belly of MOTHER EARTH, let us,

with peace endeavour to detox HER as we worship,

So, friends, uphold Peace as POWER and not as s giving up

process, Peace as the pathway for success, instead of

indulgence, vengeance and greed, with love, care

and compassion peace TAKES ROOT and let us

together, nurture peace while thanking MOTHER EARTH

for, SHE lets us know the secret codings of sapplings, smile

and success.. here the sapling is the PEACE for our planet

and I am sure ALL OF US TOGETHER nurture

Peace that will yield prosperity for all and not for a few..

So, you know now how PEACE and only peace as the POWER

Will yield, pure water, air and fertile earth, will bring COLOUR

TO the corals from the OCEANS, how honey will never turn

bitter ever again, the sky will remain enchantingly blue,

The Messenger pigeons will return, quickly catching the clue!!

For, through the secret codings right from birth,

‘PEACE as POWER’ would remain ingrained

as THE much needed VITALITY, equality

and the STRENGTH of THE mind, that nevertheless

as s well nurtured faculty of the highest quality

will treasure love and compassion from and to all

from hither to ETERNITY..

YES, friends,

It is one planet and one Christmas

It is one planet and one Diwali Diwas

It is one planet and one Bar Mitzvah and one Eid

Let us celebrate together,

Adam, Aditi, Abel and Wahid!

By: Dr Vijaya Nayak

date: 19November 2017

Founder: Manasumanasuma

Web site: www.manasumanasuma.aorg