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Christmas/ and New year Greetings for the YEAR 2015

By Dr. Vijaya Nayak on 14th December 2014

Christmas/ and New year Greetings for the YEAR 2015

Dear seekers of manasumanasuma,
THANK you!  { I have sent for you  the extract of what I wrote on the citizen's thoughts on SURAJ for MY Gov.in, posted on 4 dec, 2014, thinking futuristically for the fast approaching 2015..},
 Just before that however, comes  my Good wishes and blessings to all the seekers of 'manasumanasuma' .. a very Happy Christmas, Happy and Prosperous 2015 and a glorious Sankranti  in January of 2015 to all of you.

 Do you know manasumanasuma is already unfurling into the year three.. the purity of thoughts empowered us and quest for knowledge and wisdom kept our search refined and redefined all the time, yet a great deal of respect towards what has gone on in the past and HOW THE PHILOSOPHY OF PEACE can be generated out of adversity instead of ppeople going bitter over the life events is the REAL torch all the seekers including my self can shine upon the future seekers..the crucible tests of life are not there forone to collapse or to be destroyed, so much as to be finding one's innate virtue, call it strength, patience, perseverence or findingthe very PEACE one was seeking from within.. yet did not know that he or she had it within her all along.
 Remember' manasumanasuma' has the WONDRFUL triangle of ART/ HEALTH and THEOLOGY for you to delve into and to progress because all the modalities complement each other..
 So, keep writing , keep sketching your HONEST thoughts, understand the principles of theology as taught by the nature.. the classical example is the reservoir by the hills and the hills themselves. Although the rain reaches them first, like a sage the hill gives it away to the yielding earth beneath  who stores waterdrops to form a sarovar.., a reservoir for the swans to glide and lotuses to bloom and the sun beams to play and reflect! The hill does not seem to be mourning or complaining over his baldness does he  my young seeker? Remain healthy happy and strong for yourself as well as for others..PEACE on earth.. I will write to you again in about five to six weeks meanwhile please e-mail to:manasumanasuma@hotmail.co.uk if you need to talk to me;  a seeker of manasumanasuma will always be my priority.

Well, here comes the extract from my communication to My Gov.in  :  

Thank you, God  bless.. please accept valuable suggestions based on the primary links with humanity and theological awareness with which our GREAT BHARAT is built and stabilized and because of which we are, all of us from all religion are what we are today.. therefore I have asked before I beseech again disentangle the politics from the religion.. we are all humanbeings blessed with reasoning, let our thoughts and actions, enhance, enlighten, empower and embellish others aspirations and help them to rise above trivialities and crooked and short sighted thinking which when FAILED, sinks others and dents NATION's wealth and like a hole in the hull of the ship brings down others.. we could do without this in SURAJ!! further, coming to the precise topic of life events, what would be the implication of such misdeeds, how far and how long do you think before it affects people in the form of life events they least expected,  community and national events we all can do away with, call it a conflict or a precusor for a war?! In my persuit of understanding theology as applied to various religion the whole cycle fortunately is not just comprised of anger and religion, there is also equally powerful plat forms for repentence, forgiveness and peace, why do they give all importance to the war depicted in religious scripts, why.. let is delve into this further in our contribution towards SURAJ. 

Equally important next issue is the Infra structure for the nation, building up personality and good qualities in younger generation, AABHA, short for Adolescent Arts Behaviour,Health and Adjustment centre is  the first sector of manasumanasuma  and is dedicated  towards enhancing the personality in YOUNG SENSITIVE TALENTED DISADVANTAGED before they succumb to darker side of the society..  who unfortunately learn and entice others towards doing wrong things BEFORE learning the values  of honesty/ truth and human kindness and grace in the form of self respec, can be , and has been known to be worrying.

I am totally committed in helping, mentoring, steering the young persons towards them developing all aspects of strong persona, self respect  and respect for others are most certainly included in this, please read my second book of poetry in English' Rising in Love' and in it the poem what is an Ohm.. any religious person putting the symbol of his or her religion in front also will get the same indeapth understanding of the virtue' that matters' revealed to hem or her, difficult construction but was well worthy of SURAJ which I am helping to develop with total dedication to people and my Bharat alike!

Good wishes,

Dr. Vijaya Nayak