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AABHA, Adolescents * Arts* Behaviour * Health* Adjustments

By Dr. Vijaya Nayak on 12th May 2014

AABHA,   Adolescents * Arts* Behaviour * Health* Adjustments

AABHA, Adolescents * Arts* Behaviour * Health* Adjustments Center Is one of the highly researched and finely designed speciality branches pioneered by Manasumanasuma that focuses on a) personality enhancement b ) potentiation of art, skills from within c) prevention of DSH and suicides in young, sensitive, talented disadvantaged. The age group that is suitable to be trained in AABHA cetre varies between 13 and 22,( of course +/- one year) taking into consideration of their abilities.
Second and equally interesting speciality is based on the fact that LIFE EVENTS contribute a great deal towards the success or otherwise in one's life and the research conducted for over 40 years by the director of Manasumanasuma commands 'Life Events&U' to have a very special place as the services offered by Manasumanasuma in more instances than many, an accurate and a thorough cognitive awareness of such events explained have life changing experience in people and have been known to prevent the prolonged and often disbling so called 'treatment' sessions, described by one those who underwent these session as 'the wound is being opened' each time I went expecting to get better! I myself could not have described it any better, by the way by now all of know that all the three branches of manasumanasuma ARE FOR PEOPLE and NOT ONLY for clients who over the years have been given some label, who they do not wish to keep and have not been appropriately advised as to what they truly are, JUST the LABELS! It is very rewarding to me and the other seekers and relatives of the seekers when the seekers find themselves and chuckle as to why they have not done it all before!
Finally, I am very grateful to people who have gone round the world, seen it all and stored it all and have moved with the age archiving their experiences well under catogories THAT THGEY FEEL APPROPRIATE! and this was the basis of the research on memory the director of Manasumanasuma conducted well over 15 years. As the founder/ Director of MANASUMANASUMA I conducted this highly specialized and delineating piece of work under the code 'CELSI' which I will expend in my next paragraph. The results?! an eye opener to all the researchers who strictly adhere to the matrix and grid they are given as doctrines to test one's memory. The magnanimity of the mind is not to be understated.. although it is an on going refinement process the effective work and results, both, are aimed at PRESERVATION of memory, a concept that still is slow to take up specially through the medication culture that goes with illness, HERE MEMORY PRESERVATION , like AABHA and Life Events &U' are for people and not just for patients, although any one wishes to explore and expound memory preservation is welcome.
All of you who wish to be benifited by 'Manasumanasuma' need to register and fill in a proforma, carefully designed keeping you in mind, good news is the proforma is only for AABHA and 'Life Events &U' and only registration is required for those who wish to attend 'GLOBAL MEMORY CENTRE' here, for the sake of all those who wish to preserve memory, the word 'CENTRE' refers to the centre that is hither to untapped where the seekers store their precious memory for us, that is myself and the relatives or the carers of the seekers to find out, the corroboration capacity of the relatives is not to be under stated.
Well, that is about it really the true essence of my 54+ years as an artist, 43+ years of serving medicine and my theological awareness and vocation that was prompting me all these years..
All the' seekers' are requested to make a telephone contact on my the mobile first as I am able to take not more than 30 seekers, INCLUSIVE of all the specialities, because of the intensive work involved I can take only up to 6 or seven seekers for ' GLOBAL memory centre at the moment until I complete the staff training.
Still.. better late than never, these are the specialities that will render quality, stability and for some even the longetivity to their life for, you know what they say worse than head ache is the constant worries about the head ache , believe you me, a little niggly memory, a little nagging discomfort all could start ruling one's life, let us TOGETHER USHER IN the HEALTH OF THE MIND, BODY and spirit in the perfect blend and balance, none of them are mutually exclusive, every aspect of life of young persons, employers and employees and that of elderly will be placed in the ever magical triangle of ART?HEALTH and Theology for the most positive, long lasting results that will enable them, enhance their capacities which together as well as individually empower them to enjoy their lives for a long time to come .. specially seekers of AABHA !

I wish you well, for and with Manasumanasuma

Dr. Vijaya Nayak
The Founder /Director of MANASUMANASUMA