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S U D A R S H A N, a Wellness programme lead by Manasumanasuma

A pleasant and welcoming Spring is only a few days away and on behalf of all the seekers, promoters and believers of the ETHOS of Manasumanasuma and myself as the Founder, I thank you most cordially. Your kind words like’ I found peace looking at your website “It looks as though I could do with some of the wonderful results your research has brought to the focus, I mean not just the young persons” said one of the CEO passionate about forging his industry forwards, well, yes, the right kind of the responses and today at the very outset I wish to state that as from 4th March 2018 I am introducing S U D A R S H A N for all, employed or not, holding an executive post or not and above all SUDARSHAN is for all age group from 11 upwards until 65 years of age, for boys and girls, for men and women.. I wish I could say believers or non believers, no, I can not say that, that very vital and primary step should come from you or your parents, wanting to know, aspiring to know for the greater good of their WELLNESS of the body, mind and that of the spirit within which well shine through their thoughts and actions in life.

SUDARSHAN, as onwards from today brings forth to the world a well researched and designed, ‘know how’ as applicable, to boys and girls, men and women or to all those who qualify themselves ONLY as human,all through the unique know how which all of you need and richly deserve to know as the seekers of Manasumanasuma.

SUDARSHAN remains as the payable service, all the income is ploughed back to the greater good of young persons, so that they remain proud of their colour, gender, faculties yet to be expounded to its entirety or not, knowing oneself has been proven again and again, from time immemorial is the SHEET ANCHOR of knowing and understanding the MAKER and knowing and understanding others without extreme fluctuations of ‘navras’ that is , without too much of a fluctuations of of anger, love, jealousy, feeling of intolerance and so on.

Finally, as always have said, like the pixels, however miniscule they appear they always ARE and WILL remain the part of the CLEAR, BIGGER picture, yes, my friends and well wishers the ‘bigger picture’ is of GLOBAL peace , preservation knowing that peace and preservation WILL bring prosperity to the world with the naturalness of the dawn bringing with it the sunbeams!

With this introduction, I will assure you the whole process takes only 9 months to complete.. ( like the pregnancy that WILL deliver a NEW and evermore worthwhile a person in YOU!) and the fees including registration, but excluding, ‘writing is on the wall’ tours, it is £ 8001.09 ( GBP eight thousand and one and nine pence) for all who are above 27 years and is free from the age group 11 to 19 years of age. Your payment coming through the Corporate which you are part of, is welcome as long as far as the payment reaches Manasumanasuma a fortnight before the seekers session starts. Maximum numbers of seekers for every nine months course still is limited to 15 only and the registration is open from the 4th March 2018.

For all those junior researchers who wish to work volunteerly with me and for Manasumanasuma initially for the sake of formal training,S U D A R S H A N interview will take place, on application only , between 14th and 20th of April 2018, there is a place for a graduate statistician and for a ‘believer’ again, who has completed an M.Sc in sociology and/ or Humanity

Thank you friends, contact me for more information through the e-mail ID which appears on my website and here I have mentioned the same again, manasumanasuma945@gmail.com

Do contact me, you will only be much more enabled a person for doing so, because SUDARSHAN research when you complete you will know that you have achieved something others only dreamed about!

Good wishes,
Dr Vijaya Nayak
Founder: Manasumanasuma

They say the necessity is the mother of invention, I say, passion evolves itself to progress when powered by, care, capacity, commitment and compassion, the finest four wheeler that delivers!

In 1974 as a researcher in Neurology I felt that I have not shed enough tears for for young, sensitive talented disadvantaged who were pushed to the brink of self destruction through, barbed, destructive comments and criticism, marginalization, cast, gender and financial discriminations made worse by differential drainage of funds EVEN by their elders!

There were elaborate ,condescending remarks on what these young sensitive talented disadvantaged could not do, as opposed finding out what they are really good at and how best one can help them.. I was only a doctor with limited and ‘straight jacket approach of ‘getting a patient better!!’

Thankfully, the artist in me logged it all in and once I became relatively free from my family responsibilities, I Founded in 1997, ‘Holding the Dream’ with the ethos to see that their dreams are not shattered, but held for them UNTIL, with help and support, they were able to hold it themselves.

The same evolved to be manasumanasuma which i founded in 2013, incidentally, manaumanasuma contextually means ‘ mind, Oh! blossom of a mind’, asking them not to be harsh with themselves, nurture their minds, keep it free from drugs, drinks, despair, despondency, depression, DSH which has been known even to result in premature death.

I decided to bring all my art work for market, wrote a couple of books of poetry which i had the honour of illustarting, but the lack of business knowledge prompted me to do more; now with my Qualification in Business and Computer I wish to progress! Any help in funding would only be a boon! However, the mission has to progress well BECAUSE beneficiaries feel helped, supported and recognised and there is a need to do more as the Founder and an ardent educationist.

Manasumanasuma which has evolved naturally to the present day 'state of art of knowing mind', dates back to 1972 where, for the first time the truth of the philosophy, 'what one is, the direct result of what life events make them to be..' dawned on to me. The classical examples are the heirs to royal thrones, who despite being an heir, for reasons true only to life events could not ascend to the throne, yet, a relative or a person, again, by virtue of life events alone, ascends the throne and reigns for decades, the life events we see in great scripture and epic of Ramayana, British Royal monarchy in the contemporary period, are but, a couple of examples that would wake up the great public to the mystery, magic, melancholy and the upheaval of the mind the life events brings with them. 'LIFE Events & U' as I have named my consultancy some years ago, has now naturally progressed to people wishing to seek advice as to how to cope in 'community events & U', 'National events &U' and' international events &U'!, please remain reassured, my advisory centre and consultancy is still known as 'Life Events & U'.

Global Memory:

Lead researcher and operational executive on global memory. Main branch which has researched on Global Memory, writing on behalf of Life Events & U wishing to be only associated with Reddy's. For further details please contact Dr. Vijaya Nayak, Founder/Director Manasumanasuma & 'Life Events & U'.

The other diameter of achievements or failure of course is the MIND, as we all know well or not so well as the case may be, albeit it is true that, the doctors, lawyers, engineers, philosophers, scientists and of course the religious 'leaders' have been talking about mind both as a concrete and as an abstract entity, faculty, the ways they wish to see the mind in the mirror of their own understanding! I have over the past 43+ years have attempted to portray mind against the backdrop of moving targets, i.e the LIFE EVENTS, which potentially can bring people together, increase cohesiveness or make them bitter, aloof, angry and less useful towards the needs of people, society and the country as a whole.

How often we hear the mind being described as soft as petal, the one that is strong and 'made up', isn't there strength in softness ?, what makes a lotus survive the relentless storm and wind?IT is NOT its hardness, so much as the soft strength of the flexible and tender stalk, what we call soft strength. The strength of the concept of mind as manasuma, the mind as a flower, with its simplicity, virtue of offering and its purity of being naturally perfumed is NOT A MYTH, it teaches the world the lessons of peace and preservation, don't tell me it was easy for the flower, but here, its purity is its strength and in the words of philosophers, the mind that knows to be hard as the cut diamond and soft as a 'suma' a flower, achieves, achieves with lasting effect!

My ethos says that enough has not been told or spoken about the 'soft strength', the very purity of one's thought and action yielding the much needed power to achieve, may be in the field of choice, profession and speciality. Be with me when we expand and explore this concept, for example be it a job of 'pure honey collector' or a leutinent commander in an army with a battalion, combined thoughts of purity, in an uncontaminated, uncompramized manneris sure to yield the necessary power, individually and collectively to ACHIEVE, yes, to achieve well in the seemingly impossible sites, situations and scenario of life. Manasumanasuma emphasizes,advises and advocates need for the purity of thoughts and action as the contributory factor for success, not necessarily always the confrontations, fragmentations, conflicts and war, all the hard stuff with no guarrenty of success, only to add to it is the command on the factual knowledge of one's profession, be it farming, trading or teaching. The superficial and easy gain, be it an educational degree or otherwise which lacks the depth and the total commitment required soon will stand out as a sore thumb, as a 'weak link' far from his or her contribution towards achievement, it is this latter group that needs help and awakening, in so doing if it also flogs on one's more purposeful national and international awareness, SO BE IT!!

If someone, somewhere goes through the teachings, lecture discourses, guidance and mentoring from 'manasumanasuma' and as a result, detects the 'weaklink' and prevents the 'weaklink' from causing damage to the individual or to the community in general and offers support, understanding and much needed help I would recognize them to be the true beneficiary of 'manasumanasuma', a life time mission that constantly endeavours to see the strength of purity in one's profession and knowledge as a power par excellent by itself, I am sure world is aware of the power of a non corrupt officer as opposed to someone who did not keep up the strength of purity of his profession, for eg: by giving and receiving bribes.. KNOWLEDGE matters, PURITY as STRENGTH OF PROFESSION matters.

Come and join 'manasimanasuma, as an individual and as group or as a sector of university and know the 'purity 'n power' of total commitment and the tranquillity 'manasumanasuma' offers. The WAKEFUL CALMNESS 'manasumanasuma offers with its unique know how, has been recognized and respected as the true foundation of REAL achievements that last.

Registration details available from the 'down loads of the website, soon if not sooner.

Vijayakalaarnava Saraswathy which I have founded in support of and in link with 'manasumanasuma' stands for well substantiated and researched fact of life, i.e.: words are only the part of the faculty of expression of one's feelings. A great deal of expressions over the centuries have reached the mass without words, yes, without a single word, but through expressive sketches, paintings, murals, sculptures on all sorts of materials expressed with all sorts of media, the famous cave sketches of cattle counting and the various lines and dots n' divinity inspired me to understand patients and people alike and it is only after 14 years of research I got the real breakthrough because of which, I composed the motto for my art projects and enterprises which holds good even today, the motto came into being about 14 years ago but the art and the purity of thoughts to go with it as the path of progress was evolving from 1969 onwards.

ART,HEALTH and THEOLOGY as a unique tool for accessing, assessing, addressing, and whenever one can, for alleviating the troubled mind and spirit before it affects the body, before one get labelled as a 'chronic patient' has always remained with me and will remain with me as a prayer, as an inspiration for all my actions. The motto of Vijaya Kalaarnava Saraswathy which stand in support of 'manasumanasuma' reads:


Perhaps it is at this juncture, it is appropriate to express my grateful thanks to that particular patient who made it all worthwhile for me, my beliefs, clinical expertise and my research. Here is the excerpts of it.

A short referral letter came through truly in a professorial manner, which read : 'not many doctors are artists and not many artists are doctors, you seem to be both, I was told, please come and see this patient'. "Hmn, a heavy indent" I thought, nevertheless, found myself sitting before a thirty four year old who had no complaints at all! I found out from her history and records that she has been sketching, etching, painting an apple tree from past 16 years or so, an apple tree for every season, every reason or for no apparent reason at all so much so that she hardly had time or space to live in her house. It was only after some intense work of persuasion and professional skill I came to know that when she asked her father persistently as to what happen to her mother some years ago, one day out of rage and impatience her father replied that she was under the apple tree that was in her back garden, she as a teenager started sketching apple tree, as a part of the continual search for her mother, never stopped even after 16 to 17 years. To focus on salient points, it was after another few sessions she began to see the 'SOFT STRENGTH' (which referred to, earlier in my writing,) of her mother within her and slowly but progressively started to live the life of peace and contentment, it was not easy for me, not easy for my team and my patient, but there she was expressing herself without words, with out garlands round the person's photo as they do conventionally.., further, only a medical model of healing had no effect and she refused to see any religious leaders..nevertheless,helping her was essential.

You are welcome to contact the website to know more about my grateful memoirs of my thanks to my patients, believe you me, every instant made me a better doctor, better artist and a theologian and the instants spanned well over 43 years.

Vijaya Kalaarnava Saraswathy is now ready for the world which is in need of a great deal of help for those who choose to express differently from the words and more words, a word of caution here, even able bodied persons and not just who are challenged educationally express through materials and themes of their choice other than words and remain unrecognized, let us bring along peace and preservation to their world instead of labelling them, Vijaya Kalaarnava Saraswathy has a research link with 'LIFE EVENTS &U' the applied neurosciences and research clinic I have established as an artist and a neurophysician. I know it is a specialist clinic and a few more steps to go for the world recognition, but here I request all the referring bodies, the medical clinics, high schools and universities, PARENTS and CARERS of young persons,to recognize the potentials and problems together, to see more in the expressions of students and clients. Let us together give them the help they deserve, so that a) there is a definite and definable enhancement of personality b) even any remote indications towards the deliberate self harm and suicides are prevented and c) equally importantly if we discover a hitherto undetected skills in the adolescents and young people, let us support so that their potential and faculties flourish well, let them be the achievers and not the ones who are over criticized, victimized and marginalized lot, this applies specially to them who, for no fault of their own remain unaware of the genetic input they have and seeing the very first light of success remains so distant from them.

I am confident that every heart that beats will recognize the efforts that has gone into the two major branches of 'manasumanasuma' i.e. Life Events & U and Vijaya Kalaarnava Saraswathy.' Manasumanasuma' wishes to open in not so very distant future, a residential place where their theological awareness is also harnessed towards the peace and preservation of their physical and spiritual health while they learn more about their potentials towards the higher achievements.

Let the MAKER above bless 'manasumanasuma' which, with the help, support, understanding and encouragement of all of you, from every country and society, will continue to rise and shine, for, and with, the much needy and deserving.


To conclude, the samples from my books of poetry and paintings which highlight THE CAUSE since late 1960 has been made available for you to know, for the purpose of arranging the workshops and lecture discourses, for fund raising charitable events, ( 27% of all the proceeds will go for the organizers, 23% for the local charity of organizers' choice and 50% only for Vijaya Kalaarnava Saraswathy, (vkas for short),for research and refinements. The gallery/ website/ downloads and direct contacts over the telephone or e-mail will give further information. I am available most of the time on my mob: +91 9035259198 between 10 am and 12:30 pm on week days.

Having a purpose built building for 'manasumanasuma' and opening one or two regional centres and training the highly motivated and dedicated staff is the priority after19 years of proven work record that HEALTH THEOLOGY AND ART, through the totally committed, focused organizations like 'manasumanasuma', can ,and has been shown to yield the best result in young persons, people in general, specifically the needy and socially disadvantaged.

Thank you on behalf of 'manasumanasuma' - Dr. Vijaya Nayak

Statement of Intention

For all the practical purpose' manasumanasuma' will remain as the 'non profit ' organization dedicated to help and guide young and not so young focusing on the wellness of mind body and that of spirit despite the life events

Just Born

Just born, not reborn
Never ever also to be forlorn
Let the 'gifts' within me refined as they are,
Get redefined and shine upon the deserving
Make them aware as to how truly worthy they are, Amen!
Despite relentless and arduous path they have trodden
Just by not forgetting through sorrow or dejection
To keep that all vital pilot light within their soul glowing!
Lord, they are making their way towards you
Just the way I have done..

I now feel what it is to bathe constantly, as do the gills of Pisces
On the warm and endless stream of your blessings..
In the yonder years I only knew what it is to go 'without'
How I felt others for no reason explained, did shout
Let it be unending, yes, my renderings, even after
With your permission, I rest meself in the NICHE of
A thrice blessed LOTUS held by you!
I am just happy that you blessed my mission of life,
Just the way you preserved me and gave me
my very first breath in this planet, yes, that is when we first met!
After that I should have had no requests,
just should have sufficed that we met, but, lessons had to be learnt,
at times, at the cost of fingers being burnt,
but, you were there, albeit unbeknown to me,
sprayed the comfort, saw that I was not hurt
as I grew up and learn to evolve myself
I could actually see YOU trough the healing lint
Soaked in a soothing balm as it might appear,
Nevertheless with the quickness of meteoric merit !
I now ask you bestow on me please, similar gift
So that I can, with your thoughts alone as a tool,
Detect the pain without a broken bone or a cut in the vein
Without words, without a gesture or even a sign..
And envigourate them to see YOU, as you know ,
That truly is my vision, passion and mission..
Lord just this once, make them perceive your grace,
Let the seekers feel the joy of being 'born again'
Into the radiance of strength from within,
Generated through serenity, peace and solace
That would simply be enough in essence,
Would it not, to make this world a better place?